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Serverless means safer

PhishTACO's backend is built using serverless architecture patterns. As a result, our attack surface is much smaller than traditional virtualized, or containerized, architectures. Each customer session runs in isolation from all other sessions and the underlying container is destroyed immediately afterward, sometimes on a per-interaction level. All changes are brokered through a process that is fully automated and precisely vetted.

We've also developed a sophisticated SDLC process that prevents employee workstations from gaining direct access to the production infrastructure or data. A more comprehensive overview is available for download here.

FedRAMP Authorized Seal

Compliance, ensured

Our FedRAMP Moderate means that we are getting certified to ensure that we meet the federal government’s rigorous cybersecurity standards for cloud service providers. FedRAMP Moderate authorization also mean that PhishTACO is in full compliance with federal regulations. Ongoing monitoring will verify that PhishTACO continues to meet FedRAMP requirements, including any updates. For organizations that aren’t a part of the federal government, the FedRAMP Moderate authorization will provide an extra layer of assurance that you can rely on us to keep your data secure.

Learn more about our FedRAMP security credentials

Government tested,
government approved

Our biggest client is the Department of Justice. In fact, we service all 40+ agencies that fall within the Department of Justice, from the FBI to the DEA.

See for yourself

PhishTACO is easy to use, and we’ve made it just as easy to schedule a demo.

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