ZibaSec Joins Forces with Anti-Phishing Working Group

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ZibaSec has joined the APWG as a sponsoring member, leveraging the APWG data sets in its development of research and engineering initiatives.

ZibaSec first launched its flagship product PhishTACO January 2020. Cofounders Julie Davila and Daniel Shepherd, software and cybersecurity experts, developed PhishTACO with the goal of making a security awareness training and phishing defense platform that could be leveraged by the world’s more secure organizations and everyday individuals. Since its launch, PhishTACO has been deployed across multiple organizations, including the US Department of Justice, which includes the FBI, ATF, US Marshals and well over 40 other agencies.

The partnership with APWG will fuel the mission of ZibaSec to democratize enterprise-grade phishing security software and to make phishing education and prevention accessible to everyone.

The rich intelligence data allows ZibaSec engineers to further polish its proprietary full-stack machine-learning model which allows for enterprises and individuals to check any email for phishing indicators in real-time. ZibaSec recently opened up it’s waiting list to gain access to this tool and announced that it would be 100% free for individuals.

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