PhishTACO Platform Overview

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We believe there is a better, more honest way to do phishing simulations. 

When training emails all look the same, when the same sending domains are reused, when all you are checking is email, you get unreliable data, leading to a false sense of security. 

We do it differently.

Sophisticated Simulations

We get through email filters and SEGs, customer’s don’t typically have to whitelist our email domains for us to get through. Credential harvesting and SMS phishing simulations are expected to be available for beta testing this Summer. 

DIY or Fully Automated Campaigns

Take the driver’s seat and create, run, and report on an unlimited number of campaigns using the templates you create. Alternatively, shoot us an email and we’ll turn on automation where we automatically run campaigns on your behalf and send you monthly reports to your email.

Email Plugins That Save Time

When your employees report a phishing email, we forward it to you as an attachment and also include a machine-readable (JSON) attachment for your security team to run analysis as desired. Training emails are also tracked and reported on.

Honest Pricing

Email-based simulation support (including automation), and email reporting plugins, are bundled and priced at $1200/year for customers with less than 10-thousand employees.


Used by 100% of Department of Justice agencies like the FBI, DEA, ATF, and US Marshalls.

Innovative Roadmap

In the next 6 months, we will launch:

  • SMS based simulations
  • An integrated LMS which will ingest the open-source awareness training content we released
  • PhishSCALE compliant analytics
  • Credential harvesting tests (check if employees attempt to login to a fake site)
  • A machine-learning driven email defense plugin strengthened by our free consumer-facing version

Reach out to us at or schedule a demo to learn more

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